Thursday, August 23, 2007

Indonesia Festival 2007-Program

State Manager :Lintang Adi Pradana
Master of Ceremony: Annie Daryani dan Putu Liza

10.00: Opening Ceremony
· Balinese Dance Panyembrama Penyambutan by Putu Liza
· Opening of the event (the background and purpose of the event by the Zainoel Hidayah)
· Opening speech by the president of Indonesian Student Association JCU (Dian Latifah)
· Speech from Minister Counsellor Anwar Raudin on the behalf of Ambassador Hamzah Thayeb, the Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia for Australia-Canberra.
· Speech from Hon. Councillor Brian Bensley, Thuringowa City
· Indonesia Raya (sung together with text)
· Australia national anthem (sung together with text)
10.30: Balinese Dance Pendet by Ani Cristiani
10.40: Children Payung Dance (Umbrella Dance from Western Sumatera) by Nadine,
Chickita, Glory, Aulia, Jessy, and Isyah
10.45: Singing Performance of traditional Indonesian songs by Indonesian singing group
11.05: (Performance from other culture) by Alex Salvador and group
11.15: (Performance from other culture) Indian performance by the Indian community & Putu Liza (Bharatanatyam)
11.25: (Performance from other culture) Filipino performance by Filipino -Australian
Affiliation of NQ (FAANQ).
11.35: Jakarta Dance Yapong by Annie, Icha, Ani, Angel, and Tessy
11.45: Aceh Dance Saman by Tony, Icha, Angel, Dian, Toni, Tessy, Desni, Etha, Zen
11.55: Finale (dance together): Tor Tor Dance/Poco-poco from Sulawesi Island
12.05: Lunch
12.35: Musical Performance by Pur and family
12.50: Traditional Sports and Games
02.45: Present give away and closing


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