Thursday, October 16, 2008

JCU Vice Chancellor's Chaplaincy Morning Tea

L-R : Gustaf, Eghy, Icha, Prof Sandra Harding, Dian, a Cambodian friend

Multifaith Chaplaincy in JCU Campus facilitates faith, religion and culture life in campus. Religious activities including discussion group can be conducted in the Multifaith Chaplaincy Building. Every semester Multifaith Chaplaincy attracts campus community with 'Food and Faith Festival' where the beauty of diversity in faith, religion and culture (including traditional foods) is presented. It is no doubt that Multifaith Chaplaincy supported by the Support and Welfare as well as International Officer JCU Student Association has played an important role in maintaining respect to diversity in campus; especially International students would benefit from this environment.

"Morning has broken.." a beautiful song by Putu Liza in her lovely-white Indonesian kebaya (gitarist Eghy) from Indonesian Student Association had painted the morning on 15 October 2008 in Chaplaincy Morning Tea becoming truly broken since Prof Sandra Harding - Vice Chancellor James Cook University walked along the corridor of Multifaith Chaplaincy building accompanied by Arun George International Officer JCU Student Association heading to the Morning Tea room. In this room with full of worlwide colourful flag decoration Sandra was welcomed by the flower bucket presentation by Dian Latifah in her Indonesian batik outfits (Indonesian Student Association) and a sweet chocolate package by Laetitia (Women Officer of JCU Student Association). Sandra spoke her welcoming words revealing her first impression in being invited for a morning tea. She also addressed her supporting and compliment words on Multifaith Chaplaincy activities at JCU. Then Sandra greeted almost all the Chaplaincy people and had a bit chat.

In the middle of this occasion, Wayne Crockford, the Chaplain, also gave his speech. It was an interesting speech when he appreciated Indonesian Student Association for its valuable supports for quite a long time in Multifaith Chaplaincy activities while appointed the Indonesian flag above his head "Dian made this flag last night special for this occasion as she and Parjiono realized there was no Indonesian flag". This morning tea was completed by a peace song 'Our hearts beat for world peace' written by Maya Safira Muchtar and friends-interfaith meditation center Bali (Anand Ashram Foundation) performed by Icha and Eghy followed by the Indian traditional song and music performance. Several photographs with Sandra were also taken outdoor reflecting our very nice morning.. thanks to Prof Sandra Harding..

reported by: Dian Latifah; photos by: Gustaf Mamangkey (more photos at our Photo Album)


thanks to Dian, Thesy Gustaf Mamangkey and Parjiono for the foods.
thanks to Peter Hanley for his special Indonesian song concert: 'Mimpi Sedih' and 'Sudah Kukatakan'


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