Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yang tertinggal...

Teks pidato kesan-kesan selama di JCU by Githarina, wisudawan program doktoral.

AusAID Presentation Ceremony
(Presentation of Certificates of Attendance)

Endeavour Room, University Hall
Wednesday, 6 December 2006, 1.30 – 3.30 pm

Vice Chancellor, Associate Director-JCU Media Liaison, JCU staff, supervisors, AusAID liaison officer, and fellow AusAID students, good afternoon..

It’s my honour to stand in here and talk on behalf of AusAID students.

As I think back on nearly 4 years I spent at JCU, my mind is filled with memories, happiness, sadness, frustration, and laughs.

Today I would like us to share some of our memories that we take with us during studying at James Cook University.

We take with us the memories of the first time we arrived: picking up by AusAID Liaison officer, finding accommodation, attending ESL class and orientation week.

We take with us the memory of working in the laboratories, computer labs, green houses, aquarium, or on the field at the farm or sea. I personally will remember my days at the aquarium, take care of my cute little barramundi and doing some experiments.
I take with me the memory of driving to AIMS 3 days a week, work at the lab for nearly 4 years. It’s my fortune that through studying at JCU I was given an opportunity to work at famous AIMS laboratories and meet the amazing researchers there.

We take with us the memories of exams that seemed designed more test endurance and perseverance than mastery of the subject matter, struggling with assignments, trying to catch up with the due date, making some excuses for extending the due date for assignments and the university holidays which never seemed to apply to postgraduate students. I remember working in the aquarium during semester break while other students enjoying their holiday.

We take with us the memory of all the fun organized by AusAID liaison officer such as watching movies outdoor in front of the International student office JCU at night after BBQ, having picnic at Magnetic Island, having picnic at Alligator Creek and having a trip around Townsville by bus to enjoy Christmas light at night. What a wonderful memories they are.

During studying at JCU and live in Townsville we sometimes faced difficult times such as working hard on assignment, dealing with family “related” businesses, cultural shock, homesickness, or even receiving one or two “nice words” outside there… but they are all nothing compared with the positive experiences we have gained here, the benefit we’ve got while studying at JCU. Indeed, studying is tough and certainly has its up and down but it has taught us many lessons along the way,… but that’s why we’re here; studying hard, learn from this advance educational institution, enhanced our knowledge, broaden our cultural vision… we were given chance to pick up the fruit as much as we can and bring them back to our countries. Apply our knowledge to bring our country to a better future.

I’ve been studying here for 2 times and I admit that this the best place to study, at JCU and Townsville: nice and clean environment, nice people, safe place to study, and what makes me proud more? because I study at the best school in Australia. I will never forget when in 2004 I read the front page of JCU homepage; it says that JCU tops the world first cited papers in coral reef ecology, in which the JCU academics are ranked first, fourth, seventh, 17th and 18th in the top authors across the world. As a student here we of course now what does it mean and there are still many more achievements that make us proud as a part of this university.

So, finally, on behalf of AusAID students at JCU, I would like to thank JCU for all the services provided. Thank you to our school and staff members for all the services provided and who are always there when students need. I would like to thank our supervisors who are always full of enthusiasm, attention, and assistance during our study, helping us through this tough time, and that always encourage us to do our best and be independent.

I would like to thank AusAID Liaison officer, Alex Salvador and staff: Cinzia, Larissa, and Katherine for what you’ve done for us, for the “stress releasing” programs for us and our family, for the greatest service you gave. We’d greatly express our gratitude to you for being there for us. You’re the best and you’re what international students need.

And the last but not least I would like to thank all the parents, spouses, families, and friends who encouraged and supported us as we worked towards our degrees.

To my fellows, AusAID students, may you find happiness, achievement and success in all you set out for your future.. I wish you all the best.. Merry Christmas and happy new year.. Thank you..

Indonesian graduates:

Johanna Maria Kodoatie, PhD
Coco Kokarkin Soetrisno, PhD
Ghitarina, PhD
Patrice Nelson Isaak Kalangi, PhD
Hasan Hariri, MBA
M. Aryadi Arsyad, M. Biomed. Sc.
Irwan Lovadi, M.App.Sc.
Wa Iba, M.App.Sc.
Yansen, M.App.Sc

Presentation of Certificates: Prof Bernard Moulden, Vice-canchellor James Cook University


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